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Launching Project HairCare to Advance Mental Health and Wellness

Denver, CO – Meeting people where they are has become a mantra for the Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC), because we know this will help us to achieve health equity in the Black community. There is no better place than barbershops and beauty salons to connect with our community. These shops are sacred places, and the operators are trusted and entrusted to cater to the hair and other forms of care.

Through a partnership with CBHC, the University of Colorado Family Practice Department, and several shop championships Project HairCare was developed. Starting this week and every month thereafter, the Project HairCare team will be educating operators at Denver shops on mental health and wellness.

The goal is to “change the stories around mental health in the shops!”, says Dr. Alex Reed, University of Colorado psychologist and Sports Psychologist for the Denver Nuggets. This program is essential because Black men and women in the U.S. have increased mental health challenges worsened by COVID-19 and daily social injustices. There are so many barriers to getting the mental health services they need, including stigma with mental illness, distrust of the healthcare system, lack of providers who look like them, and not knowing about available treatments that can help.

Project HairCare aims to give these operators the skills they need to help their clients and also support to get them connected to additional resources if needed. Our team is super excited about starting this program. The Program is made possible by a grant from Caring for Denver Foundation. To find out more about Project HairCare, please go to our website at or call – 1-800-209-3569.

About the Colorado Black Health Collaborative

The Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC) is a 501 C-3, nonprofit organization with a mission to achieve health equity in Colorado’s Black community. We strive to improve health and wellness among Colorado’s Black community through collaborations, partnerships, and teaming arrangements with community-based organizations, other nonprofits, public organizations, private entities, government agencies, and specialized committees comprised of community members.  The strategies we employ focus on improving culturally appropriate health care, race and trust issues in healthcare environments, patient empowerment, self- care, stress reduction and preventive care.

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